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March 11th, 2011 Memorial Event
Remembering 3-11 the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
By San Diego Japanese Emergency Network (SDJEN)
March 10th(Sat)
Location: Moonlight beach in Encinitas
The beach is located west of I-5 on Encinitas Boulevard in Encinitas.

from 6:00 pm – 10 pm
We start gathering with BBQ and potluck with bone fire
*Prayers will be around 9:46 pm.

SDJEN will provide hot coffee, water, and fire woods to make warm and some soup such as Tonjiru.

*Please bring a battery powered candle or a glow stick, warm clothes, chair and the food to share if you like. (Real candles are not allowed at the beach)

We hope to see you on March 10th!

Contact: (760) 500-0290
Remembering 3-11 the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Charity Concert for Hope

Feburary 4th(Sat)
On-site events start at 3pm
Concert starts at 5pm

Escondido Charter High School American Sprit Theatre
1868 East Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027

Admission Fee
adults: $10
10-18 yrs: $5
0-9 yrs: free

more info:




12/20/2011 SDJEN donated LED Christmas lights to Kamaishi Illumination Projects by Ishiya-Nation  
12/02/2011 SDJEN donated a Christmas tree to Kamaishi City Library through the Green Cravan  
11/2011 Mrs. Sachiko Kasai, a SDJEN member, visited 2011 Earthquake & Tsunami disaster area in Tohoku.  

Host Charity Concert @ Green Music

All proceedings were donated to Asunaro Home to help disabled victims of 2011 Earthquake & Tsunami in Iwate, Japan

サンディエゴで結成されたSan Diego Japanese Emergency Network主催によるガレージセール。

08/07/2011 Documentary screening “Nijyuhibaku (Double Atomic Bomb Survivor)” @ PI:K Study School  
07/12/2011 Craft sale at Salon Europa by Sayuri Arnold and Naomi Sabin $750.00
06/11/2011 Co-hosted “Never Give Up! IWATE” charity concert @ Rolando United Methodist Church $3,500.00
05/15/2011 Movie screening “107+1 Make the Heaven PART2. ~ Miracles happen & synchronized~” @ PI:K Study School  
05/15/2011 Japan Fundraise at Scripps Ranch  
05/14/2011 Food packaging for Japan earthquake & tsunami victims @ FFCC  
05/12/2011 Japan Relief Benefit  
05/07/2011 Craft sale and donation booth @ Night on Adams $320.25
05/07/2011 Japan Earthquake Relief Garage Sale @ Kyocera $15,962.42
05/01/2011 Craft sale and donation booth @ Asian Cultural Festival $483.97
04/30/2011 Through the Darkness, We will Rise Japan Relief Charity Event $12,689.20
04/29/2011 Ai (Love) for Japan @ Hage Elementary School $12,009.45
04/16/2011 Music for Japan @ SONY $30,000.00
04/10/2011 Started “Thank you USA! “ Sailing @ San Diego Bay  
04/10/2011 Charity Bazaar @BB CLUB, PI:K Study School, & ACCEL MOTORS  
04/10/2011 Started Recycle for Japan program $108.13
04/01/2011 3 min Massage Help Japan! 
03/31/2011 UCSD Matsuri Festival, Orizuru Event  
03/29-31/2011 Canyon View Elementary School Charity Event  
03/28/2011 Anime Conji, Japan Charity Booth $647.10
03/26/2011 Japan in Suitcase Event  
03/18/2011 More than 100 people participated in the 1st SDJEN meeting  
03/15/2011 Founder Kohei Owatari proposed establishment of SDJEN  
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